My name is Lazi Rudegger and I was Born in Vienna in 1989.


My parents then moved to Fuerteventura when I was only a few months old. This is where I grew up and continue to live to this day.


From a very young age my life has revolved around the ocean and its waves. Some of my first memories are of my dad teaching me everything about the ocean and taking me surfing with him. And just like that, surfing became a huge part of my life.


My first memories are from me going surfing with my dad whom has showed me everything about the Ocean. And like this, surfing became a part of my Life. With only 13 years of age I started competing in surfing competitions and achieving some good results, such as, canarian 14 and under champ and vice junior Champ, along with other national titles.


My passion for this sport has given me the opportunity to compete around the world while representing brands such as Quiksilver, Clayton Surfboards, Billabong, RVCA, etc.

I’ve also been featured in various surf publications such as, As well as being part of photographic reports and covers of publications on national and International magazines like , The Surfers Journal, 3sesenta, Surfer Rule, Surfing Life, Sufres, etc.

All these years of experience have given me gave me the chance to develop a unique and professional view of the surfing world. In this project I want to share these views with you in order to bring out your maximum surfing potential.


Come and surf with me!

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